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Hello and welcome to Norwich Singing Lessons. If you are looking for a private singing  teacher in Norwich or a vocal coach, you'll be glad to know that you're in the best place.  With over 15 years experience of teaching and vocal coaching, I’ve had the pleasure to have worked with over 2000 people of all ages and levels of ability and always strive to take a challenging, fun, supportive, and goal driven approach to learning to sing, blending a combination of performance techniques with emotional and holistic support borrowed from success psychology (NLP). So, whether you're a 12 year old girl wanting to become an incredible singer or you're a retired gentleman who has always enjoyed singing,  Norwich Singing Lessons will make the experience of improving your singing easy and fun, whilst achieving massive results During your lesson you can expect to expand and improve your vocal range, tuning, power, delivery and most  importantly, build your confidence and self-esteem around your singing. Complete Beginners Now is your chance to learn how to sing properly with a one-to-one, private singing teacher who will guide you  through an introduction to your voice. Gain confidence in this safe environment, sing your heart out and discover the  voice within. No previous experience required, just your enthusiasm and a desire to explore your vocal potential. Try  different genres, like jazz, pop, rock, soul, classical, blues... whatever you prefer. Experienced Singers For those of you who are already experienced at singing and are looking for more advanced vocal coach, I’m proud to say that I have worked with some outstanding professional singers who have enjoyed very successful career within the music industry. They benefited from Norwich Singing Lessons as you can. Not only learning how to improve you singing technique but also how to move up in the entertainment industry. So get in touch now to find out more about your singing lessons.    My private singing  lessons are designed  to suit everyone - so  whether you are a  nervous beginner or a  seasoned pro needing  to brush up on your  technique, Norwich   Singing Lessons will  help you discover your  voice and realise your  true potential.   Contact me now - or  Call 07798 835499 Website Disclaimer Terms & Conditions