Website Disclaimer Terms & Conditions For Beginners (or worse!)  Contact me now - or  Call 07798 835499 Our Free Singing Workshops  are designed to suit everyone  who considers themselves a   beginner or worse!   If the thought of singing in the same room as other people turns you into a nervous wreck, or if you love singing but know you could be a lot better, this free workshop is for you. DO NOT PANIC! YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED TO SING BY YOURSELF IN FRONT OF OTHER PARTICIPANTS (We’re not that cruel) What is the course about? I am hosting a limited number of exciting new singing workshops to prove once and for all that anyone can sing and have fun in the process. During this workshop you will learn: - How to make your voice sound better in the shower - How to stop feeling so nervous about singing in front of people - How to start singing in tune - How to stay in tune - Lots of useful tips and tricks to improve your singing - A chance to win free singing lessons for you or a friend THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO ANYONE WHO ENJOYS SINGING . NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED OR NEEDED. THIS IS A RELAXED, FRIENDLY AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR YOU TO HAVE SOME FUN SINGING IN A GROUP WHILST IMPROVING YOUR VOICE. During the workshop, you will also have the opportunity to sing as a group and put into practice all of the new techniques you have learnt. By the end of this workshop you will: understand the workings and (perhaps in some cases) the failings of the human voice sing with more confidence project your voice clearly and accurately demonstrate a clearer sense of phrasing, pitching and rhythm be singing as part of an ensemble know how to correctly exercise your voice at home What level is the workshop and do you need any particular skills? There are no requirements for you to attend this workshop other than just being prepared to have a bit of fun and make some noise with your voice. Oh, and the ability to laugh at all of my jokes really helps. Are there any other costs? Is there anything you need to bring? This workshop is absolutely free and students are not required to bring anything except perhaps bottled water to drink during the session. Book Your FREE Place on one of our forthcoming Workshops More dates coming soon
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